I am large, I contain multitudes

Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

A common idea is that an artist needs to have a distinctive and recognizable style. While this is obviously true, the equally obvious shortcut is to keep doing the same thing all over again.

And while many will say that the key is to concentrate on a tiny part of experience, my idea is just the opposite.

Couple this with my laziness in updating web pages, and the reason of this specific page is to link external places where I show my works: some are very specialized, some are curated, some are mainly used by me to have feedback on new directions. 

Stay tuned.


PhotoVogue is a photography site within Vogue, that is curated by Alessia Glaviano, Vogue Italy's photo editor. 

click here for my portfolio on PhotoVogue


This site is the premier site for industrial photography, and very selective for admission

click here for my portfolio on  Industriekultur-fotografie

Art Limited

This is a community of artists, not only photographers, but painters, sculptors, etc. A very inspiring community, and a place where trying new paths without having only meaningless likes

click here for my portfolio on  Art Limited

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