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Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that inquires into the fundamental nature of being, beyond physical appearance.
"Applied Metaphysics" sums up my ongoing research into the essence and mystery of things. It is similar in purpose to Giorgio de Chirico's scuola metafisica from the beginning of last century, a school that deeply influenced visual arts and movements such as Magical Realism and, later, Surrealism.

Ground truth

Ground truth generally means the absolute truth of something, and in this sense, it accurately describes the goal of this series: to show the immanent truth of things. A more interesting meaning comes from Machine Learning, a field of computer science that studies and designs computer systems that are able to learn. One application is the automatic classification of items, where a number of classes are used to classify items and the system must produce a model that correctly assigns new items to one or more of these classes. In an initial phase, a training set is usually provided. This set contains items which were manually classified and provides, like the images in this series, a ground truth in the form of archetypal instances from which other knowledge will be derived. All the images in "Ground Truth" are very high resolution images (300+ Mpixels) that are used for high quality prints in very large sizes. The sheer amount of detail in each image and the immersive way of looking at them is fundamental for conveying the inner essence of things at a hyperrealistic level that transcends normal vision.

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